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Preregistration Form! 

Please Fill This Out Prior To Booking 

• Email: • Address: 1930 North Broadway, Suite 106, Moore, OK 73610

Authorized Persons

The following are the names of the names of individuals that have permission to pick up your dog from Paws@Play. You understand that once dogs are released into the care of a authorized persons or individuals that Paws@Play are no longer responsible for the well-being of your pet.

Emergency Information

Please note that if your dog has been ill with a communicable disease or potentially communicable disease within the past 30 days a health clearance signed by a licensed veterinarian must be received before your dog can attend daycare or boarding. Please do not bring ill (vomiting,diarrhea,eye/ear infections) or injured (sore, limping, etc.) dogs to daycare.

Pet Behavior Profile 
Has your dog been to daycare before?
Does your dog get along with strangers?
Is your dog comfortable with strangers?
Does your dog get along with small dogs?
Does your dog get along with large dogs?
Does your dog get along with puppies?
Has your dog ever growled at someone aggresively?
Has your dog ever acted negatively when food or toys were taken?
Has your dog ever bitten or snapped at someone aggresively?
Has your dog ever been in a fight with another dog?
Does your dog have any problems in th following areas?

Thanks for submitting! We will reach out to you soon about official booking!

Completed the Preregistration Form?
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Where to Find Us

1930 North Broadway Suite 106, Moore Oklahoma 73610

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